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I don’t usually eat street-foods except for some places I consider phenomenal. Even professionals, students and business people visit this place to dine in. I tell you, if you are an adventure type of person, you will enjoy dining here! (wink 😉 )

street foods at mycupoftin.wordpress.com professionals, students, and business people eat here

This spot is commonly know as “Totobits” to some Angeleños. This name was derived from “Toto Bitis”–kapampangan term for “hanging down feet”. Where most vendors are seen comfortably hanging their feet on some areas of their mobile store while selling/cooking and same with some customers while eating.

One of my favorite buy in here is there “fried chicken intestines”. Mind you, it doesn’t taste bitter at all. (You know where the bitter-taste come from haha!). The outer crisp really complements its juiciness when soaked with garlic vinegar. ( I know you are already drooling! 🙂 )

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There are other stuffs you can try in here. They have fried chicken, fried squid, different kinds of eggs, fish and squid balls, hotdogs, siomai and the famous dynamite! (green chili with cheese, and ham wrapped in shanghai wrapper. Warning: it will really explode in your mouth!) ,sorry for not being able to shoot one. They also have puto bungbong, bibingkamais con keso, mami, lomi, porridge and pares. 

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When it comes to beverages, the best I’ve tasted is their “yakut drink”, it’s a mixture of pineapple juice and iced tea. The taste is not that strong, it is just refreshing! 🙂 Others are the common buko juice, pineapple juice, orange juice and sodas.

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When you go to Angeles City, make sure your cowboy/cowgirl hat is on to try these at Totobits.

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  1. Have you tried “Gabi with Cheese Ice Cream”? How about “Papaya Ice Cream”?. You must watch out my next food trip! 🙂
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