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During my Mother’s wake, we (Me and Yam) had the chance to work on applying for Mama’s final blessing and Holy Mass. You see, being the only person in-charge of almost everything (while grieving during the wake) is a hard thing but still trying to make it doable.

Yam and I managed to go to the nearest Catholic Church (in our town in Pangasinan). It so happened that we were able to arrive at exactly lunch break but we saw a signage “We’re Open” hanging in front of the door that’s why we took chances of getting entertained.

Upon entering the office of the church, we saw no people (at the ground floor) except hearing loud sounds of an open TV coming from the second floor of the building and some people talking. Because we are eager that Mama’s remains will be blessed, we knocked. Suddenly, a boy went downstairs and asked us politely our intentions. We requested kindly as well for schedules of Holy Masses that would fit the schedule of the wake. The boy could not decide and mentioned that it’s lunch break. I’m still emotional because of my loss but tried to compose myself to ask again if we could just see available schedules before we go back after their lunch break. The boy went upstairs and called someone maybe knowledgeable than him.

After few minutes, a lady (I’ll no longer mention her name) went downstairs with a livid face going towards us. She sarcastically said its lunch break (in Ilocano). I was shocked with her approach that all I was able to do was to be silent.

Upon seeing her disappointing gestures, my heart pounds to my head and stood up from where I’m sitting ready to go out.

I’m about to go away when my fiancé told me to be patient and ask the lady anyway of our intentions. (See how blessed I am with a partner so patient and understanding than me 😉 )

The lady then (still sarcastic) asked us what we need. We replied calmly (keeping myself from blowing given that I don’t feel good).  The lady went directly to her glass cubicle checking some schedules. While me and Yam was talking about just going home and return after lunch break. My kind fiancé would stop me and remind me to just be patient since we’re already there and the lady is already looking on the schedules.

But what made me more depressing is that this lady banged the table (3 times) just to call our attention. We’re just about 2-3 meters away from her. We may not hear her call because we are briefly talking about just going home and returning, I guess it is not ethical that she would hit the desk that way. Even tellers in the bank who are also in glass cubicles will call the person or line number by putting their mouth near the opening of the glass (when the counter isn’t noticed).

This is the first time I would come across a lady working in the church with such an attitude. But upon asking around, even my nephews living in the same town experience the same (with the same lady) when they offer thanksgiving masses.

We understand that every individual have their dilemma.  Maybe this woman is currently suffering from a deep problem, but so do we.

That’s why I can’t blame why so many Catholics change their religion, maybe because they see more love and warm welcome from other sectors.

I’m not an expert in religion. Neither I’m the holiest person in the world. But one thing that I understand the most about Christ—He is love.  Therefore, our role is to love as well.

This is not an article to humiliate her (obviously I didn’t even mention her name). This is a call for Christianity. We sometimes say that we lack hope for humankind, but the truth is, we lack hope to ourselves that we can do better.

I have met a lot of people, some of them are not Catholics, some of them are even Atheists, but for sure they will be in Heaven in their time because they are so loving and compassionate just like Christ.

I believe, it’s not really how often we pray, or how often we go to Holy Masses or how often we read the Bible but how often we love others.

Please don’t get me wrong, these (praying, going to Holy Masses, reading the Bible) are important so that we would know God more, we would connect to Him more and know His ways more. But as important as these are, the application still boils down to loving relationships.

Being reminded that I too am a Christian (a Catholic to be specific), I’m forgiving her for her rudeness and some people I know that have been so mean and unfair to me during my trial.

God made us in His image and likeness, therefore we are like Him. If we are like Him and He loves us, then we should love one another as Christ lives within us. There is no better I know than this.


May you receive your blessings,



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