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The best cold sweets I’m crazy about is not so much with ice cream, but my childhood sherbet! 😉

For those who haven’t tried one, a sherbet is like a fruit shake with fruit bits or shreds commonly in buko and melon flavor.

The first time I ate sherbet is sometime during my childhood. It tastes better than ice cream to me. From then on, every time Manong  pass by our home, I make sure I’ll buy one.

Growing up, I left home to take my high school somewhere else. I missed my sherbet.

Then during my college days I found a small stall in Angeles City selling sherbets. I found my childhood again in this store.

But after college, I left again for work to other places. And when I got back to see my seemingly lifetime favorite, it’s still there but on a different ambiance. The building where it is located was renovated and got better.

If you have the chance to drop by Angeles City this summer, this is a must try! Even Drew Arellano in his “Byahe Ni Drew” and Mikael Daez of “Midnight Express” tried their sherbet and liked it. 🙂

My new favorite flavor? Buko-Lychee 😀


May you receive your blessings,



  1. I hope the picture have helped you reach them for your cravings. Should you want to know exact location where to find this refreshing sherbet? I’d like to help you, just message me. 🙂