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We had a fun experience in Poracay last summer 2012. Though it is filled with people during summer, we are blessed to have managed to get a cottage for our family.

My Cup of Tin Poracay Resort Porac, PampangaThe Resort is located at Porac, Pampanga. During peak season, the resort does not allow reservations, but it is spacious for big groups and family affairs.

Poracay caters live band shows every Saturday. They also offer kayaking in their man-made River, skybiking, rock climbing, rapelling, zip line and more. Car parking is far from the room accommodations, they don’t allow vehicles to enter the resort. Some room accommodations are also far from the amenities, that’s why we need to walk more to reach each destination.

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Need to know how to go to Poracay Resort?

Image copied from Poracay Resort's website

Image copied from Poracay Resort’s website

And because it sounds like Boracay, fire dancers are also available in the resort. So if you’re planning to go here, b sure to prepare your feet because this place promotes walking 😉

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