This is a picture of my Mom with our 2 foster kids more than 7 years ago.

Today is Mama’s birthday.

If only she is still alive, we could have been sharing laughter and tears up to now. (ok, that’s the guilt part Before)

But you know what?

I realized something in my mourning and grief.

During our grief, we mix the letting go with the person and with letting go of the pain.

Sometimes we mistakenly recognize the “letting go” as forgetting the person we love and moving on.

But to me, being a coach on helping people with grief, what has changed is the true peace that I have now.

I am now able to step on those stones of grief without getting bruised and hurt.

I can sense the smoothness of each stone in my every step. If you are still in the roughy and edgy phase in your life because of grief, that’s ok.

Live one day at a time, but do not forget to celebrate your life no matter how difficult it is.

Because you only have as much time now. I am just here if you want to know more about how I did my rising from grief and guilt.

May you receive your blessings,

Coach Tin

P.S. Will do the rosary tonight dedicated to all Departed loved ones celebrating their birthday in heaven this month. Comment the name of your loved ones if you want them to be included in the prayer.


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