I can still clearly recall those words I told my Mom when she was on her death bed years ago.

When the doctor says we need to take her home because nothing can be done anymore.

It’s a mix feeling of helplessness and guilt not to be able to keep fighting for my Mama.

But I whispered to her “”Ma, as your daughter I cannot just give you up. If you think your time has come and you want to go, make it happen.

Because I cannot just let go””Is this something you relate as a daughter or son of a dying parent?

That you cannot just let go yet and you just want the other person to be the first to let go so that it will be easier?

Or so we think it was easier.

And then days, or months or years later, we still miss our departed love one?

What was the last statement that You told your loved one in her/his death bed?

May you receive your blessings,

Coach Tin


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