Sharing is Caring


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Barangay Relief Goods During Community Quarantine due to Corona Virus Pandemic

My husband and I would like to thank our Brgy. Officials (Brgy. Captain, Councilors, SK, CVO etc.) and the good samaritans who shared their crops and food to the entire Barangay. We salute you and we’re grateful to your deeds. God will surely bless you with your good acts.

We decided though to share to others what we have received, those who are more in need to help them in their basic necessity.

P. S. It is not that we have enough of our needs, we too are running out of our stocks, we don’t have enough alcohol even so worrying that we mostly need it soon when Yohan will come out of this world. We run out of foods that our normal eating capacity is used to consume. Our business is greatly hit by this crisis and gave us so much stress and headache in planning how to bounce back soon. But we try our best to calm down and just consume whatever is available in us. We don’t post to brag that we have given to others despite our own needs. It’s an act to hopefully inspire others do the same. Knowing and letting others know that THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

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