Have you been denying what you are going through lately?

Does it help when you conceal what you feel?

Did you know that you can heal what you can reveal?

A woman came to me a few months ago crying very hard and telling me that she’s been hiding her pain and traumas for 3 decades already.

I asked how she handled it.

She said she has been in a cycle of ups and downs.

One moment she is ok and happy, another moment she feels very down and sad.

And it exhausts her.

Deep inside of her she knows that it is just normal to be sad and feel down but not to the expense of getting those past haunts you and bother you every now and then, stealing your peace within.

A few months ago, she discovered that her cholesterol is high, her blood sugar is high, and her blood pressure is high.

So imagine what could have been a relief if she did not wait for 3 decades to get out of her traumas and painful experiences?

May you receive your blessing,

Coach Tintin


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