A Cup of Expressions

My random thoughts and reflections about anything in my personal adventures. You can also find some tips from my personal experiences or experiences of others that I have acquired and learned.

  1. Stand Tall Momma
  2. Words as Understood by Mind
  3. Positive Parenting for Babies
  4. Parenting Lesson : I feel Anger
  5. Open and Distance Learning
  6. How to Pandemic-Proof Your Heart and Finances
  7. My Wedding Project
  8. God is Gracious
  9. Sharing is Caring
  10. Cord Blood Banking
  11. Surrender Is Not An Ender
  12. Bahay Pag-ibig for Easter 2018
  13. Open Letter To My Husband To Be…
  14. When A Visitor Comes, Jesus Comes
  15. Live Life to the Fullest
  16. Are you a church for Christ or a church for yourself?
  17. A New Year Indeed
  18. I Miss The Normal She
  19. The Woman I Love Most Have Cancer
  20. God Will Use Your Mess To Give His Message To The World
  21. I Have Experienced God at the Feast
  22. Happy 2015!!
  23. Merry Christmas 2014
  24. Burden to Blessing
  25. It’s Official, I’m now a SFC member.
  26. My bid to 2011 (From my Facebook Notes)

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