I accidentally clipped a small part of my baby loves’ skin in the sliding of her high chair. 😱

She cried buckets of tears. 😫.

Though Yohan’s cry is not that loudly, I can feel her heart beating so fast. (so this is how it feels to mirror and match)

She cried and I cried too. 😢

I knew it is painful, more so painful for a Mom seeing her child in pain and that time, hungry too.

I carried her for a while, and I was in tears. I said sorry to her over and over again.

Her Dad brought her outside to breathe some fresh air and entertained her.

Few minutes later, Yohan went back smiling again, hugging me.

Two precious lessons:

💎We, MOMS, are just humans, we bleed and get hurt and get exhausted. We make mistakes in bringing up our own child, but stand tall Momma, do not be too harsh on yourself just because you made a mistake. Forgive yourself and do better next time.

💎God is like every baby. We may have hurt Him from our wrong doings but He still loves us unconditionally. His pain that we caused will never amount the love He has for us that He can easily forgive.

May you receive your blessings,



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