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Summer has always been linked to beach time. Travel enthusiasts always settle to the rolling waves of the sea and find our best spot to cool down the heat.

But not only beaches are for summer. Others take the adventure of trekking and hiking and long walks going to waterfalls. No doubt, waterfalls are relaxing too! 😉 Hearing the splashing of water down rocky walls and basin makes you feel in touch with nature. In Davao City there are a good number of waterfalls too, Hagimit falls is one of them.

Hagimit Falls is one of the most popular attractions on Samal Island. If the beach heat is too scorching, the cool waters of Hagimit Falls are the perfect alternative. Plus the awning of trees provides a much-needed shade during summer.

Hagimit Falls is actually a cluster of waterfalls. Some are appropriate for children while some are strictly for adults. The waterfalls’ drop is approximately just five feet but the pools are deep in some of its areas.

The water of Hagimit Falls is cool and soothing. It is perfect for when you want to relish the water without getting sunburn.

Though unlike other waterfalls that is untouched or underdeveloped, Hagimit falls’ surrounding has already numbers of man-made cottages and steppers. This on the other hand, helps tourist to stay longer in the place, have their picnic not too near the waters and giving them ample time to just sit down and relax.


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