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Altar of the Monasteryo de Tarlac where the relic is protected

Monasterio de Tarlac is where the Remnant of the Holy Cross can be found.

Statue of the Risen Christ

The relic found by Saint Helena (mother of Emperor Constantine the Great) in Jerusalem was validated by a papal seal. It is believed to be part of the cross. It was said that Saint Helena dug three crosses in Jerusalem—believed to be the crosses used when Jesus Christ was crucified. She brought a woman who was about to die and asked her to touch the first two crosses but nothing happened. When the third cross was touched, the dying woman was healed.

The monastery is rightly placed atop a mountain at San Jose in Tarlac, surrounded by lush greenery. And on the monastery, pilgrims gather to venerate the “one true cross” and to rejoice the renaissance of Jesus Christ.

The Servants of the Risen Christ (SRC) Monastic Community runs the Monasteryo de Tarlac. It was founded by Fr. Ronald Thomas Cortez in 1998. Fr. Cortez attended the World Youth Day celebration in Germany in 2005, where he encountered the custodian of the relic—Msgr. Volker Bauer.

Msgr. Volker was actually looking for someone to whom he can entrust the relic at that time. And he entrusted the relic to Fr. Cortez, and the holy cross came to the monastery in 2005.

Find time to visit the monastery and feel how God has blessed us Filipinos.

Aside from the relic, you can find peace and harmony in reflecting on your life while in the monastery’s surroundings.

It is also a good picturesque to have a selfie with the Risen Christ statue. 🙂

May you receive your blessings,



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