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Dear Yam,

God knows I’m a tough woman because of the trials I’ve been through,and so He gave me a tougher man to handle me and that is you.

When we’re still in high school, we’re the so called “She snobs him and he irritates her”. No wonder our theme song in the beginning of our relationship is “love moves in mysterious ways”. Because who would have thought this is how the pieces fit?

Now I’m 30 and I’m ready to partake in building our family. We both don’t know what life will bring us after our wedding,but we know that marriage do not end here.

The past years were the most difficult for me because God took away two very important persons in my life. My dearest Mama Luz and Uncle Ben. 

I’m like a half Spiderwoman who’ve lost her Uncle Ben and half Disney Princess who cannot bring anymore her beloved Mother in the grand ball. But this day is a celebration. Even if God called them. I know He made sure that I’ll be alright with you.

I’m like Bella Swan (Twilight) now, protected, loved and warmed by your family and especially you.

Mama knew I could not just leave her to have my own family even before she got sick.  But when Mama let go of me that 20th day of December 2015,  I knew she was at peace knowing it is you whom she’ll give my hands to. She made easier what I find difficult to do. Because She and Baps know they’ll be alive through you and your loving family.

When we love, we’ll experience being broken. But that’s how it should be, we need to be broken so that we can become whole again.

Thank you for never giving up on me. Even if sometimes you’re tempted to run out of patience, you’re still there understanding and loving me.

Thank you for still understanding me even when I’m already unreasonable.

For 10 long years, I’ve been depriving myself of getting married. On marrying, it took you this long to wait for me, it took you this far to love me still.

Like a butterfly, I cannot fly with only my half wing, I need you just as you need me to soar high.

Your unconditional love has transformed me.

We love first because of our feelings, but what made us stay in love to these days is choosing to love each other even when we don’t feel like it sometimes.

Many years ago, we’re still immature in our relationship and I still don’t know what I want, but you gave me the freedom to explore myself, to become what you believe I can be.

No one told us married life is easy and purely romance, but I’m ready to face the unknown of marriage and be confident–while holding your hand.

When life will tempt us to pull apart, we’ll read this letter, we’ll remember those 12 years and counting–of our hardworks and sacrifices to be in love and stay in love for God’s glory.

Together, we’ll be better, forever.

Loving you with all my heart.

Your Bride To Be,