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Some people think life is boring. You work so hard it seems to them you don’t have time to enjoy life. But the truth is? When you love what you do, even if it means staying in your room the whole day (once in a while) doing your thing, is priceless. The most important part is you know you’re doing these not just for yourself. You’re doing these to help your love ones and others may it be directly or indirectly. –that is significance.

One day an acquaintance asked me “Are you not lonely or bored of what you’re doing? it seems repetitive and consistent.” I smiled and shook my head. I just said to myself, “No I don’t. I simply enjoy what I do. I believe, there is no such boring life when you know and pray the kind of life you want and live by it.”

Yes life is short, so why not live a life to the fullest?

I value significance more than success. Significance is when you give efforts not only to take care of yourself but to care for others too. That’s why I considered it a blessing to have two foster kids. They are actually my niece and nephew. If not because of them, my patience wouldn’t be tested with their restlessness and clumsiness (you know kids are kids). My dreams would not be alive again after a love one’s death if these two kids are not around. They have taught me that there are more things to live for and they’re one of them.

I remember, I taught Sachi and Lucho to save. Their mother gave them two small plastic piggy banks. One day, when we decided to get all the saved money to buy them school supplies, I was amazed by what Lucho have said. He was actually giving all his saved money to his sister so that Sachi can buy 2 pairs of shoes. I was in awe and happy to see them giving each other. I know there are still a lot of hard work to shape them. Environment may influence them good or bad but I hope when time comes, these kids will adapt what I’ve been teaching them. That even if they’ll return to their true parents, they will carry in their hearts the love and values I’ve planted and they too will share them to others.

If you feel bored in your life, or you feel lonely and unworthy, why not try to adopt a person whom you think would need your help? It is not necessarily that you take that person inside your house, but just a consistent and simple act of kindness will do. We might not see an abrupt improvement or it may even take years of ups and downs, or fails and falls. But trust that God is working in their hearts and future that credits you in Heaven. 😉

May you receive your blessings,



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