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A Guide To Champion Your Crisis

Thank you for all the birthday greetings and those who have remembered me! 😊💕

This marks my 33rd birthday. It reminds me of Jesus’ death on the cross at the age of 33. I can only assume what my age will be when I’m living in heaven 😅

Now, if this will be how I look when I’m in heaven, I would honestly say it’s not in my best. My quarantine hair! (never groomed since the pandemic!) My not so flushy teeth, my pimples like iced tea (they are bottomless!), my stretch marks and big belly and all the not so nice stuffs I have now because of the so many months of lockdown, post partum and crisis. But this year I am still most grateful for. Thankful for the gift of family and safety. Been grateful that my family is safe and healthy and happy and blessed in so many ways! That’s all that matters to me and all I could wish for.

To give back, I was able to unlock one of my long overdue dream. I’m now officially an author! Yeepee! (Thanks to the quarantine, I’m able to give time for my first ebook.)

Check the link below 👇

Thank you everyone and those who untiringly support me and my ebook! God bless you!! 😘


May you receive your blessings,



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