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For my little sisters and brothers asking me how we prepared our wedding few years ago, I must say, it is really time consuming and effort intense. But I know this pandemic and quarantine will be a helpful series of diy to your events.

It is not that extravagant as others would have, but I am grateful for those who appreciated and were blown by every area of our preparation.

Our secret is not really a secret, it’s a combination of teamwork, dedication, imagination and proper budgeting.

We did not spend much on our wedding just as others would think upon seeing our event (we have a tight budget and savings then). The estimated cost that you may know by merely looking out our event may not be as is compared to our actual expenses. A little lower šŸ™‚ How? Because, just like what we did in building our own home – – – we prepared, we planned, we looked for affordable but efficient suppliers, we participated the micromanaging and we did the DIYs.

And oh! We would like to thank again our friends and relatives who have spent for their own gown/barong for our wedding. It helped us too to save another thousands .

The only down side of diy is it is time consuming but if you use your time wisely and you love what you do, it will be all worth it.

To show you some pictures of what I created out of an inspired mind and a creative hand for our wedding, here are some.

one meter-size 3D letter

butterfly bouquet

wedding box

wedding box

wedding corsage

wedding corsage

wedding invitation

wrist corsage

wrist corsage

Now, I’ve been thinking to start our business about my crafts, and to also start a vlog out of it? šŸ˜‰

May you receive your blessings,



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