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God works in wonders again! Just sharing to inspire how Mama Mary has always have our back in our prayer for Baby Yohan.
Last June 8 (our dear Yohan’s first birthday month) Our Lady of Manaoag passed by our house. It felt like Mama Mary is assuring us, everything will be ok and Happy 1 month birth to Yohan. My heart was filled with unexplained grace that I cannot contain and just burst out with a solemn cry.
Looking back a year ago, my husband and I prayed hardly to God to have a baby. Then I turned to Mama Mary of Manaoag for intercession. I visited her every opportune time I have in Manaoag and prayed even if it means commuting alone under the heat of the sun. Then on October, God granted our prayers. On that day after confirming to our OB that I am pregnant, we visited our parish church (St. John the Baptist church) to give thanks. Lo and behold, Mama Mary of Manaoag has an unscheduled visit for a couple of days in our parish. I remembered how in the bible Mama Mary (when she was pregnant) visited her cousin Elizabeth (who was also pregnant and mother of St. John the Baptist himself 🙂   ).
Fast forward, I was diagnosed with preeclamsia.. My OB decided to pop Yohan out of my belly once my bp arise. She scheduled my CS on May 11,but on May 8 my bp fluctuated and had a severe headache. My OB decided to cut me through right then and there. So Yohan’s birthday is May 8. (If you count backwards disregarding the medical counting, Yohan’s 9th month backwards is Sept 8–Mama Mary’s birthday). And the last thing I know in the operating room, all medical covers used are color blue (Mama Mary’s color–shade of Marian Blue).
Was it all coincidence? Maybe.. But I believe that everything that is happening in us has a reason. It is with God’s intervention. I do not believe in coincidence but in “divinidence”. Truly, Yohan is Yohanna (God is gracious).

Our Lady of Manaoag passing by our house

May you receive your blessings,



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