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Sagada is  one of the suggested must visit if you are an adventure-lover. It has many caves to explore, more trekking activities and the travel itself is very adventurous.

You will pass by so many cliffs, but the view is astounding (well, if you don’t fear heights 😀 ). You will enjoy the adventures while experiencing that cool breeze everywhere.

Yam and I celebrated our 9th year anniversary by conquering Sagada. Obviously, I enjoy travelling with my boyfriend. He is my utmost travel buddy ;).

Sagada is also good for people who loves meditating and reflecting, since the place is so quiet and cool, that you can even hear people when talking along the road during night time.

Our escapade started when we walked going to St. Mary the Virgin Church and then passing through a cemetery going to Echo Valley or the known hanging coffins. The natives in the land explained, they believe that when they hang the remains of their love ones, they (departed love ones) are closer to heaven.

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During the tiring day, we tried Sagada’s blueberry cheesecake. The blueberries used were Sagada’s own product. I love sweets, and this piece of cake really boosted my energy. We also tried Pinikpikan for our lunch.

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We also tried spelunking the Sumaguing Cave where we have met new friends from Israel. They are also couple who bravely conquered Sagada adventures.

This cave is actually the easiest among other caves in Sagada. But it’s stilll not that easy as you think. 🙂 But after dominating this cave, you will surely appreciate life more..ahahaha!

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Few points when you go for caving:

  1. Be sure to wear flexible clothes like leggings or cycling so that you can reach big leaps so easy
  2. I suggest that you just wear sandals, because the tour guide will advise you to leave your slippers somewhere in the cave because there are slippery areas that you must step on with bare foot.
  3. Pack light, don’t bring too heavy things with you when you go for caving. The tour guide will just advise you to leave them in your vehicles.
  4. Always follow the foot steps and instruction of the tour guide.

Here are more spots that you must visit in Sagada for more adventurous experience:

  1. Bomod-Ok Falls
  2. Sunrise at Kiltepan
  3. Lumiang Cave
  4. Sumaguing Cave
  5. Echo Valley/Hanging Coffins
  6. St. Mary the Virgin Church
  7. Sagada Weaving
  8. Sagada Pottery
  9. Highest Point Phil. Highway
  10. Danum Lake

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Should you want to experience Sagada, you can contact Enjoy Ka Dito Travels for easier booking and scheduling.

May you receive your blessings,