I’ve been to Baler twice this year. Last March 2014, I went to baler with my pasaway friends,  Cynthia, Levy and Fhelo. We had a wonderful joyride. We rented the entire van for our Baler Tour, costly of course. But the fun is never ending.

We were able to go to Sen. Angara’s private beach resort at the Dicasalarin Cove via van service for an entrance fee of P100 per head. We were also able to go at Aniao Islets but not managed to enter the few resorts. We also made to enter Diguisit Falls which is located just beside the high-way going to Dicasalarin Cove.

When you are also at the Ermita hills, you can view the entire Sabang Beach. Ermita Hills is the highest place where few families including the Angaras settled during the Tromba Marina (a great storm and giant wave in Dec. 27, 1735 that hit Baler).

We also enjoyed surfing at the Sabang Beach. And waves the sunrise as we walk along the seashore.

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My next step to Baler was last May 2014 with my friends in the University of the Philippines.

This time, entrance fee for Dicasalarin Cove was raised to P300 per head. (In a matter of a month, the raise is quite expensive). So we sort out by riding a boat and not passing through the resort of Sen. Angara so that we won’t pay the P300 and we’re still able to go to Dicasalarin Cove.

We also trekked and took a dip at the Mother Falls. Explored the Museo de Baler, took a view at former Pres. Quezon’s house and car, and ate their famous Paco Salad.

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Baler was the place where Apocalypse Now, a Hollywood movie, was filmed which was directed and produced by Francis Ford Coppolaler. Even our Filipino movie Baler starred by Anne Curtis and Jericho Rosales was filmed here.

Explore Baler with your friends and family. We enjoyed surfing, trekking and exploring what Baler has to offer, I know that you will enjoy too! You may contact Enjoy Ka Dito Travels for a memorable and awesome Baler getaway.

May you receive your blessings,