Along the road going to Aniao Islets in Baler, you can find this amazing waterfalls known as Diguisit Falls. It looks just a single waterfall, but if you go closer uphill, you can see another waterfall on top of it. and just a walk away from this is another Diguisit Falls along the road. It’s just so astounding you can’t resist to grab your camera for a picture

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Baler Tour Package enjoy ka dito aurora white beach surfing dicasalarin cover mother falls 23

Thank you Ms. Amie Ervite and Enjoy Ka Dito Travels for this second photo

You must try to be here, it’s another glorious paradise within your reach. You need not to trek for long roads to get here because it’s already along the road! All you need to do is drop off from your car or vehicle service and climb a very short steps to get up close and personal with Diguisit Falls.

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