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Hundred Islands is a National Park in the Philippines located in Alaminos City, Pangasinan. The islands are spread in Lingayen Gulf composed of 123 islands during high tide and 124 islands during low tide.

The most popular and developed islands are: Governor’s Island, Quezon Island and Children’s Island.

Hundred Islands Alaminos Pangasinan https://mycupoftin.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/2.jpg

View deck in Governor’s Island, overseeing the entire scattered islands.


Quezon Islands where most tourists prefer to stay for swimming, zipline and kayak.

Quezon Island, where most tourists prefer to stay for swimming, zipline and kayak.


Children's Island, another hot spot in Hundred Islands where tourists prefer to stay for the whole day of fun.

Children’s Island, another hot spot in Hundred Islands where tourists prefer to stay for the whole day of fun.

There are also ongoing construction of sheds all over so that tourists will feel more refreshing and accommodating on their stay in the islands. There are a lot of improvements to this day for this amazing tourist spot in Pangasinan. Aside from island hopping, you can also take the zipline for P100-P300 per head. 2 zip lines were built, one is located at the Quezon Island but the longest is located at the Governor’s Island. The latter is more challenging as you are to cross the sea to be able to get into the other end of the zip line. You can also visit the known reality TV show, Pinoy Big Brother House (Teen Edition) at the Governor’s Island.

Hundred Islands Alaminos Pangasinan zipline at Governor's Island https://mycupoftin.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/2.jpg

Governor’s Island: At view deck, zip line going to another island, 250-step stair leading to view deck.

Hundred Islands Alaminos Pangasinan cliff diving Marcos Island https://mycupoftin.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/2.jpg

If you want a more exciting experience in Hundred Islands, try this cliff diving at Marcos Island.

Other interesting islands are Bat Island and Monkey Island where some bats and monkeys reside, that’s why their name was derived from them. There’s also an island called Turtle Island but there are no turtles dwelling in it, it was so called because of it’s turtle shaped island.

Hundred Islands Alaminos Pangasinan Bat Island https://mycupoftin.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/2.jpg

Huge number of bats are seen hanging on the trees of Bat Island.

When you’re hungry, there are small sari-sari store in the islands. We even tried their halo-halo for P45 each.


Halo-halo and souvenir store at Governor’s Island.

There are many more islands we can explore at Hundred Islands. Some do not have their name yet. You must go there and explore them yourself. You will be amazed at how these islands attract so many tourists and keep them coming back.

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