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It was early this year when my Mother was diagnosed with cancer. At first, I was in denial (to myself) that she got that kind of illness. I’m always asking myself, “how could a prick of a teeny-tiny single fish bone would cause cancer?”.

And it dawned in me that, yes, cancer is possible for Mama (even if she doesn’t eat meat and preserved foods too much) because she’s a smoker.

I don’t know what to do, but my heart knows I need to practice what I know. I’ve learned a lot of alternative medicines from mentors and great people and I want to try it that way. Though I am half-hearted on what to do, it seems to me that what I’ll do will be an experiment. I haven’t tried it before to myself or relatives, I just listened others’ testimony about it. But I did it anyway, I searched hard on how I can properly conduct alternative medicines (herbals, fresh fruits and raw vegetable). I started by blending some fruits and veggies for mama to drink.

However, few weeks after, Mama’s cancerous part starts bleeding. Blood did not stop flowing–from the wound out of her mouth. Our relatives got panicked, and they’ve pushed me to look on doctors to treat Mama. I have no choice but to obey because I myself was shocked and threatened.

And so I got her oncologists. They started right away her radiation therapy and sessions of chemo therapy.

Mama's first chemo therapy

Mama’s first chemo therapy

Mama's first confinement due to lack of potassium and sodium.

Mama’s first confinement due to lack of potassium and sodium.

Whenever I see my Mother bleeding, my heart goes bleeding too. An only child could not help but cry and pray very hard that someday all will be well for a Mother who never gives up.

What makes me keep on going is the fact that God is with me. I can always feel Him. I know that He is catching other trials supposedly mine.

If you are experiencing the same, or had a life that you think you’re losing hope, may you find courage and hope this time.

May you receive your blessings,



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