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Yesterday was our official appointment as a member of SFC (Singles for Christ) in Angeles. We were tasked to perform a presentation for The Lord’s Day. We were supposed to meet at 5:30pm though the program will start at 7:00pm so that we could alot time for practicing.

For some reasons, one of my friend and CLP group mate got late, and she asked me to wait for her outside our practice area. I said “yes”. I waited for her and decided to wait her at a nearby fast food restaurant. While waiting for my friend, A boy wearing his dirty clothes caught my attention. He was asking something to eat to by-passers and the people around the place. A small voice in my mind is saying that I should buy him food. Without hesitation, I invited him to come with me for dinner. The boy resisted. He said that the manager of the fast food chain is not allowing him to enter their premise. And so, I decided to just buy him his requested food and then I gave it to him outside the store. We sat on the available dine-in chairs and tables outside and I asked him few questions.

While talking to each other, I haven’t noticed that he already finished eating his spaghetti. I just saw him wrapping his untouched fried chicken, and I asked him why he didn’t eat his chicken. And he said, he will give it to his mother. Tearfully I am, I went to the counter to order another meal for his mother and I gave it to him telling, “Merry Christmas”. The boy was so happy while packing his chicken with the new order and left. I guess, he was so excited to bring his food to his mother.

I gazed upon the boy as he ran across the road. Suddenly he bumped into an older guy and forcefully getting his bag of foods. The boy had nothing to do but to surrender it to him. I felt sad because I know that that food was intended for his mother.

Same things we see in the movie really happens in reality. It breaks my heart. That scene gave me another emotional why. It fueled my dreams more, it gave me energy to persevere more, it gave fire again in my heart. Why? because I was reminded again that I wouldn’t want to see my nephews and nieces and my future children experience the same. Because I wouldn’t want to stand just for my family to live. Deep in my heart, I hear a small voice saying “They (hopeless, oppressed, depressed) need you, you need to stand back up”.

Many times in our lives, we feel so down and hopeless, like it’s as if we have the heaviest burden and the most gigantic problem in the world. I too sometimes feel the same. But I realized, whenever I feel burdened, I just need to look around and thank God that I am blessed in every way than a beggar, than an abandoned elderly and a street kid.

How about you, where do you find your strength when you feel burdened? What fuels you to dream on?

May you receive your blessings,


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