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Happy Birthday Jesus!

It is one of the year’s most important occasion in our Christian lives. Jesus’ birth that gives hope to man kind.

But “where” Jesus was born amazed me more. Jesus has all the right to demand to God for a royal, grand and prestige birth place. I can’t imagine how a manger (a feeding box of animals) was used instead of a soft, comfy, and top of the line crib for Him. Can you picture how that manger looks and smells after several months or years of being animals’ feeding box? It maybe so filthy, smelly and yucky. But He,the King of all Kings,opted to be born in a manger.

Christmas tells us that God is not just for royal people, for the righteous, for believers. God wants to tell us that even if we are as dirty, stinky and nasty as that of an animal’s feeding box, He loves us. He will be there for us. He is there for us.

We may have the biggest and heaviest of all sins, sure it will make us feel unworthy, shameful and undeserved, but it’s not how God sees us. Just like the manger–that He freely accepted to be born thousands of years ago, and now one of the most sanctified and protected place in Bethlehem–We too, will always be accepted by God, even in our most filthy, smelly and yucky life. He will give back our honor and dignity as certain as Christmas.

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

May you receive your blessings,


P.S. We just had walked around Angeles City to giveaway homeless people and beggars a small token for Christmas, watch out on my next blog soon 🙂