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I’ve been giving every 10% of my income to God (through ministries and religious prayer meetings like The Feast PICC) since I was a member of the Truly Rich Club of Bro. Bo Sanchez. In the Truly Rich Club, we’re thought to invest in the stock market, be in our own best and give back to God at least 10% of what we earn. At first, it was difficult to give it, imagine, I’m just giving P20 when I attend the Holy Mass, but now, 10% of my income! As years passed by, I’m learning the gift of Tithing. And it taught me the heart of generosity. 

In another sense, I found out that giving and volunteering (at the same time) is harder than just giving a percentage of our earnings. So I salute all the volunteers out there who untiringly give their selfless service for others without expecting something in return.

How did I know? Me and my SFC friends thought of giving away something to eat for homeless, abandoned and street kids. It was not as easy as it sounds. We woke up at around 3am-4am to prepare and cook for the pancit and repack candies that we will giveaway. We shared and contributed for the expenses incurred, and walked along the Walking Street of Fields, Balibago, along Abacan bridge and around Sto. Rosario (in Angeles City) to look for indigent families who might not have their Noche Buena for Christmas.

We thank Jeng Danganan for welcoming us in their house where we cooked the foods and repacked them. We also thank Barti and Omni Aviation for driving us and volunteering their car to service us from point to point around Angeles City. And to our SFC friends that despite our differences, our busy times, our financial complexities, our personal problems, we were able to share our love for others. Especially the homeless, street kids and the abandoned.

Yes, we are so tired. But the joy of fulfilling the true meaning of Christmas can never be compared to any fancy gift collections, luxurious vacation or very succulent food preparartion on our tables.

Me and my friends in Christ (we call our group 3G: God’s Gift Group) had a very meaningful Christmas this year! 🙂

We hope that you too, had a wonderful Christmas this year.

May you receive your blessings,



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