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I just came from PCSO this morning because I was given a schedule for Mama’s Med support. I told myself, “I’ll grab this even if it’s Mama’s last session”. It is still a big saving if Mama’s last session will be covered for free. So that I can focus on her other needs. So I went there, I prepared the papers, requirements etc.
Upon entering the PCSO room, (I was wearing SFC ReCon 2015 Shirt), Someone among the applicants is raising her hand, and made a sign to me to seat beside her. And so I deed. We shake hands and she told me her name. In my exhaustion in preparing and processing Mama’s papers, her name and other things she initially said didn’t sink in my mind, except her mentioning of “SFC-CFC” and “James”. I abruptly thought that she’s a member of SFC and she knows Bro. James Dizon–our Angeles Chapter Head. ( I secretly smiled because I feel like God made me an instant celebrity ahaha!)

We then exchanged stories.  She told me about her struggle while taking care of her Mom for 5 yrs. now, and how God blessed her so much because of spending time in taking care of her Parent.
I was touched by God’s grace, because she’s been struggling on her same situation for 5 yrs. now, and yet, My Mother just had her cancer this year, (I know Mama is healed now! Thank God). She’s always queuing at PCSO for her Mother’s dialysis (all the processing, lining-up and preparations again for her every application), while me–it’s just my first time to line up and process medical assistance for my Mother.

My Reflection: We complain when we face trials and burdens in our lives, but I believe that God allows trials as training for us to become stronger and a better person. God allows burdens so that we’re able to see blessings.
We tend to shy away our story of our messy life, but God allows this mess to happen so that we are able to send His message to other people who are somehow experiencing the same struggle and give hope to them. I usually share my story to few people only, I never imagined to share it to a crowd, but I realized today, I just comforted and gave hope to a person’s struggling heart because of saying “Yes” to God’s invitation in the SFC Regional Conference.


May you receive your blessings,