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One of my most liked foreign dish is Thai Fried Rice.

Alright, I will reveal to you why I’m crazy about this food. I guess I’m addicted to shrimp paste! Even if there’ll be no food except cooked shrimp paste and rice and tomato, I will survive. 😀

But among Thai Restaurants I’ve been, the best I would say so far is Toll House’s Thai Fried Rice located in Angeles City. This restaurant is serving different kinds of food. One of my recommendation will be their baked macaroni (we’ll have it on my future blog 😉 ).

I like their Thai Fried Rice because it was made with a little touch of Filipino taste. The rice is so flavorful because it was mixed with shrimp paste and their secret seasonings. The unripe mango will also boost your appetite.

Toll House's Thai Fried Rice

Toll House’s Thai Fried Rice

Try this when you visit Angeles City!

Toll House Main is located near Holy Angel University (along Angeles-San Fernando Road) and they also have their branch at Marquee Mall Angeles City.

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