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It is our second time to have our Easter celebration in Bahay Pag-ibig but this time, we brought with us Jollibee to give joy to the elderly. (Our first Easter here was last year)

I remember, one of the elderly requested that we’ll bring Jollibee on our next visit. And they requested burger steak for their meals. 😀

It’s a mix of sadness and joy whenever I’m here. Joy—because I’m able to give happiness to these people even just for a day. And I’m able to gather wisdom just by hearing their stories.

Sadness–because I see lolos and lolas abandoned by their love ones. How can one feel when he has given his time and effort for a relative or a loveone and ended up in a home for the elderly?

These lolos and lolas have their own stories. Some were really abandoned by their families in their old age while others grew alone until their retiring years. I remember the story of one of their caregiver that one lola was found in front of Bahay Pag-ibig’s gate on a rainy night. She was left there by her niece. Her children were in the United States and they visit her once a year. I felt pain with her story.  I thank God I was not like her children. I could have been in other country by now like them or yet I could have been in a nice position in the corporate world but will not be able to take care of my Mother when she was sick and dying.

I may not have the luxury of the world or even the means to buy a better living than what I may have to, but I will not regret the days I was with my Mama Luz until her last breathe. Well, we cannot judge some children just like that. Maybe they have their own reasons. Maybe they also wanted to give good fortune to their family that’s why they risk of going away from home. Maybe they cannot leave abroad just as easy as we think it is.

Nevertheless, I believe that our existence in this world surpasses whatever achievement and good fortune this human life has to offer. When you speak of old people, they may brag their achievements because yes, it’s the fruit of their labor, but once you talked to them too often, you’ll discover that the greatest that they’ll boast about is how they loved and they were loved. In the end, love is all that matter, and we can start practicing love at home.

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