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Me, Yam and his family celebrated the first day of 2016 by watching movies in a mall. After the movie, we all felt hungry and looked for a place to eat.

We have all agreed to try the newly opened “Kuya J Restaurant” at SM Rosales. We were entertained after few minutes of standing in front of their glass door.

The waiter then cleaned the table where we are assisted to sit in. We waited again for minutes for them to serve us their menu. After a while, they handed us the menu and we ordered Bagnet Kare kare, Pork Binagoongan, a fried fish, and a chicken dish. We’ve waited again for more minutes before our order was attended even if we are seeing most of the staffs just standing beside their counter.

The staffs look tired and unwilling to serve well because maybe it’s already closing time for them.

I’m sorry I was not able to take pictures of what we ate because we’re so hungry waiting for our orders and when it was served, we ate immediately.

The dishes taste good although if you’re looking for a budget-friendly restaurant, this is not ideal because the price did not meet our satisfaction. Every meal we ordered is only good for 2 persons. They even run out of rice (maybe because it’s closing time for them) where the waiter honestly told us they just bought our rice in the food court of the mall. The vegetable of the Bagnet Kare-Kare is only 2-3 pieces of sliced eggplant, too far from what we saw in the menu’s picture.

We’re so sorry to ourselves for the first time experience in Kuya J’s, but we hope that other branches would not be similar.

May you receive your blessings,




  1. Looking for a tasteful and full of ingredients KareKare? We have tried also the affordable and delicious Seafood Kare-Kare of Ikabud. We’ll blog this soon.