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Matukad Island, Caramoan

Matukad Island is one of the nearest islands that you can reach coming from Paniman. The hidden lagoon and the legendary milkfish adds clandestine to the island’s lush trees and foliage with fine white sand covered beach and crystal clear waters.

Lagoon in Matukad Island Caramoan

This hidden lagoon can only be reached and seen by climbing rocks in the island. I’m sorry but I wasn’t able to climb and see the lagoon myself because the rocks are so spiky for me. My courageous husband did the challenge with our tour guide.

According to folks of Caramoan and nearby areas, the story behind this mysterious fish happened about 20 years ago, when a tidal wave came and filled surrounding rocks in Matukad Island with water. That became a lagoon where two “bangus” (milkfish) with unknown origin lived.

The Closest We Can To Capture The Fishes. Sorry 🙂

During that time, a man with his son went out to quest for food for their family. Unexpectedly, they discovered the said lagoon. They saw the 2 milkfishes, and the father caught one. They took it home and ate it. The whole family died a day after eating the fish. From then on, no one among people of Caramoan ever dared to catch the milkfish anymore.

Recently, in our visit, there are 2 milkfishes again. They said, the other milkfish has strangely emerged, first as a fingerling but now grew almost same size of the other one.

Whether the tale is fictitious or not, there’s one message we need to understand. We ought to respect nature and beings. I believe God has made abundance so we will not run out of means, we just need to be resourceful while taking care of God’s creations too.

May you receive your blessings,



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