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Montfort Bat Sanctuary is found in the island of Samal in Davao. It has been the home of a huge colony of more than 1.8 million Geoffrey’s Rousette fruit bats– largest single colony of this kind according to Guinness World Records. They cover ¾ or 75% of the ceilings and walls of their 245-feet long cave.

These bats are fruit eaters, not our usual blood sucker ideas huh? 🙂 They help so much in the pollination of economically-important fruits in the region, such as durian and wild banana. Which is why local environmental groups conserve the caves. They launched an active education and awareness-raising crusade among policy-makers and the general public on the lifespan of bats, their contribution in the ecosystem, their territory, as well as their economic value in the region’s production of high-value fruits. So make sure you attend the orientation before meeting the bats.

The cave has five vents which permits the visitors to take a look inside. These openings are fenced by bamboo rails. Loud noises are strictly forbidden and guests are not permitted to go inside the cave as these would provoke disturbance that may cause young bats to be dropped to their deaths.

The fruit bats have their own senses and it’s amazing how they classify themselves according to their ages or season. You’ll be mesmerized how each opening identifies their moods and age. See it for yourself, prepare for the stinky smell though. 😉

Souvenirs for keep at the reception area.

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